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Critical Craft Forum offers conversations about craft and contemporary culture. Conversations include studio visits, discussions about books and exhibitions, panels and more. Hosted by Namita Gupta Wiggers with guests and guest hosts from around the globe.
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Now displaying: November, 2016
Nov 1, 2016

Aram Han Sifuentes uses needles and thread to explore the experience of being a first generation immigrant to the US. In this studio visit from Fall 2015, we spoke about politics and religion, “Forms in Japan”, and planning the exhibition “Everything has been Material for Scissors to Shape” (Wing Luke Museum, Seattle), and how her everyday materials and examination of immigrant labor connects to the dry cleaning and seamstress businesses of her Korean immigrant parents. From “A Mend,” a quilt constructed from jean cuffs gathered from Korean tailors in Chicago to her “US Citizenship Test Sampler,” and projects connecting embroidery histories in Seoul, South Korea and Chiapas, Mexico, Aram Han Sifuentes pushes consideration of what it means to be “American” and to pursue the “American Dream.” Visit for images and more. Sound: Seth Nehil Music: Calder Wiggers